Wind Chime
Aluminium sheeting, mirrored Perspex, wire cable, motor
3352mm x 1194mm x 1194mm

Scaria’s practice - often manifesting in sculpture, photography and film - explores his interest in issues of urban development, particularly issues surrounding migration, economic development and urban architecture. Recent works have been described as ‘absurdist environments of the future’, a description appropriate to Wind Chime. This new work - commissioned for the Govett-Brewster’s current exhibition Sub-Topical Heat: New art from South Asia (14 July - 4 November 2012) - is representative of international practices engaging with issues of globalisation. Photographs of buildings in New Delhi were taken, reimagined by the artist in three-dimensional form and fabricated in Taranaki from aluminium. Suspended as part of a large rotating mobile or wind chime structure, these reimagined pieces of architecture forge a provocative statement of personal experience, the politics of environment and the immutable paths of social and urban change. Wind Chime is a work of considerable significance. While the Gallery has shown leadership and vision amongst New Zealand’s art galleries, collecting the work of artists from the wider Asia-Pacific region, the modern political climate and the overwhelming state of globalisation has both widened the breadth of our audience’s vision and narrowed the boundaries between artists and their respective geographies.

Fluttering Cultures
Medium: Aluminum fabricated sheet, mirror glass and paint.
Size: 19 feet x 15 feet x 5.5 feet
Year: 2010

When we travel, it is not just the personal belongings which travel with us. It is the nation; the culture and the unique perception of ones own self which travels along with. Therefore a traveler is not only a person who has business aspirations but also a person who carries his or her cultural heritage and imagination that contributes to develop a new culture wherever she or he goes.

Lost and found
Medium: Bronze & marble
Size: 27 x 17 x 11.5 inches
Year: 2018
Medium: wood & mirror glass
Year: 2010

These sculptural installations are a part of the site specific interventions I did during the last 3 years in Delhi. I have conceptualized and created this apartment structures in response to the current construction fever in the city.

Demolition and the reconstruction of the cityscape is quite a common seen in many of the Indian cities. When it expands beyond the peripheries of the city, we have to come to term with the fact that peripheries don’t exist any more. I have placed these structures in the outskirts of the city and took photographs of them with the location around. By adding these structures to the site my intention is to hint the inevitable make over of the site in the immediate future. At the same time the documentation of the site with an architectural input gives a character to the site which could be one among the million possibilities when it will actually get transferred by construction. The sculptures on the other hand reflect the present social realities with a pinch of sarcasm and irony.

City Beats
Steps To Predicament
Through a glass darkly
Medium: Bronze
Year: 2018